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Because of a compact structure,a small volume,a light weight,easy operation,reliable performance and easy repair etc. features with the butterfly valve,it is broadly applied for the rmodynamic pipelines,boiler donkey engine system,petrochemica ndustry and metallurgy trade to cut off and adjust various corrosive and non-corrosive media There a recent ralline,single-eccentric dual-eccentric and three-eccentric types of its structure The metal hard seal butte rfly valve belongs to the eccentric structure and comes as the extension and development of the unive rsal soft seal butterfly valve towards the middle and high pressure fields In addition to the original features with the butterfly valve,it also holds anti—aging,anti—radiation,durability,a long duration,high temperature and pressure resisting and a wide range of application

蝶阀型号编制方法Method of type butterfly valve


多层次硬密封蝶阀的特色与优势Characteristic and superiority of multi-layer hard seal butterfly valve
The seal of the said valve is formed by laminating soft and hard metal sheets and high p recisely mechanical p rocessing and inlaid onto the butte rfly Plate to get fitted closely with the seat ring It holds the advantages of both metal and elastic seals and,whether in a low or high temperature,a good tightness
Because of the three-eccentric structure,there is almost no friction between both seat ring and butte rfly Plate and such a sealing function as the mo re cIosed,the tighter
Compact structure,flexible operation,small volume,light weight,reliable sealing performance,easy repair and long duration
Set with a sealing adjuster and,in case of the sealing performance to be lowered after a long time of use,the original performance can be reset just adjusting the butterfly Plate seal ring to close to the seatring,greatly enhancing the du ration
The seaI pai r is made of stainIess steeI and P rocessed with a special workmanship during manufacture and features high tempe rature and Pressure resisting anti-wear and anti-corrosion
金属弹性硬密封蝶阀的特色与优势Characteristic and superiority of metal elastic hard seal butterfly valve
Along with the cu r rent world science and technique development at a very fast speed,the metal elastic hard seal butterfly valve comes into being with such unique glamour and captivating mien as small volume,light weight,flexible ope ration,easy installation,simple structure,erosion resisting and high temperatu re resisting The metal elastic hard seal butterfly valve of Be rnaswe holds a
distinctive style and gets a high favo r by its p recise design,nice and fashionable outlook and fu||times flavo r and the outstanding features of it are shown below:
Complete rigidity,reliable seal:to eliminate the sensitiveness of the metal seal butterfly valve to the body deformation,the body rigidity must be reinforced This valve adopts the enterp rise design standard with the minimum wall thickness of the body higher than that in the national standard fo r butte rfly valves and makes the inte rnal and exte rnal ribs of the body reasonably arranged to have it completely rigid,thusensu ring the reliability of the seal
2、开启自如,操作力矩明显减小,因改进的三偏心蝶板密封曲线更加趋于正圆,这将意味着阀座的变形更趋微量,阀座的实际变形量,远小于金属的弹性范围。从而扩宽了阀座弹性变形的余度,即使在高温状态下也不会超出所用材料的弹性范围。 此外,蝶板沿管线的轴向位移也更趋微量,这将减小了阀杆沿流道轴线的挠曲变形量,保证阀杆与轴套的正常接触精度。因些,开启自如,操作力矩远小于其他同类蝶阀产品。这一创意的设计思想,使博雷斯特在有些类蝶阀产品的综合质量性能方面有了一个质的飞跃。
Freely opened the ope ration moment gets notably reduced and the imp roved sealing curve of the three-eccentr Jc butterfly valve becomes more round This means the defo rmation of the seat ring becomes mo re slight and the actual deformation degree is far from the range of the metal elasticity,thus getting the margin of the elastic deformation of the seat ring widened and willnot be over the elastic range of the used mate rial,even if in a high temperature Besides,the axial displacement of the butterfly Plate along with the Pipeline also becomes more slighf to reduce the flexing deformation of the stem along with the axis of the runner and make su re of the normal contacting accu racy between both stem and muff So it can be freely opened with the ope ration moment much smaller than that of the other butterfly valves of the same type This design idea of an ext remely creativeness makes the complex quality Prope rty of some kinds of butte rfly valves of Be rnaswe a qualitative leap
Use of high tempe ratu re resisting mate rials and advanced jet-solde ring technique makes this butterfly valve to a wide temperature range and thus satisfying the requi rements of temp rature adiustment and to be used in a low temperature working condition
Use of high hardress materials and the streamline outlook design of the internal parts makes this valve erosion—Proof and long endurable.




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